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Ruuvi Connector is a standardised expansion connector and cable system that takes sensor prototyping to the next level. Compatible connectors will be found on many upcoming Ruuvi products.

Ruuvi Connector cables have 8 pins (6 signals + VDD + GND). This allows using not just simple I2C sensors but also more powerful SPI sensors with interrupt signals.

Ruuvi Port is also compatible with 4-pin (2 signals + VDD + GND) prototyping systems such as Seeed Studio Grove and Sparkfun Qwiic.

Many ways to use Ruuvi Connector system

  1. Connect compatible external boards and sensors to your Ruuvi products

  2. Design your own expansion boards

  3. Feed your battery powered Ruuvi product from an external power source

  4. Add a Ruuvi Connector compatible connector on your own product and make it compatible with all the external Ruuvi / Grove / Qwiic sensors.

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