Ruuvi Developer Documentation

Lifecycle: Beta. This documentation collects the most important resources for developers into one place

This new documentation is work in process and may still have errors and inconsistencies. Each page has a lifecycle description under title to let users know the maturity of components.

  • Proposal: Suggested feature, collecting feedback. Not implemented in any way.

  • Alpha: Implementation exists to try out the feature. Might get cancelled, might have breaking changes. Not guaranteed to be available.

  • Beta: Implementation is available, although on hardware there might be a waiting list. Breaking changes are avoided, but possible if something critical is found. Intended to move into production.

  • In production: Mature feature which can be used as a part of your business.

  • Deprecated: Feature will be removed in a future release. If you're using this feature, please migrate to a feature which is in production or contact Ruuvi team as soon as possible to discuss your needs in the future.

  • Obsolete: Feature which used to be available, but has been removed. Documentation is maintained only for a reference.

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