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Lifecycle: Obsolote
Ruuvi Firmware 1.2.12 was the first firmware to be continuously produced for RuuviTags shipped from Ruuvi Shop. The factory firmware was updated on 2019-12 and no new tags with this firmware is produced anymore, but you might still find the FW on some tags.
You can check the firmware version with a NFC read, if you have this firmware please update to 2.5.9 with instructions at
Supported, NFC read may hang in rare cases and reboot is required.
Record 0: Text, "id"
"ID: " + XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX representing tag ID, 8 bytes.
Record 1: Text, "ad"
"MAC: " + XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX representing tag Bluetooth address, 6 bytes.
Record 2: Text, "sw"
"SW: Ruuvi 1.2.12"
Record 3: Text, "dt"
Non-connectable, non-scannable advertisements are supported.
URL advertising (format 4)
Supported, 2 Hz advertising. Green led blinks.
RAWv1 advertising (format 3)
Supported, 1 Hz advertising. Red led blinks.
One software button + reset button supported.
"B" short press
Chage between advertising mode 1, 2
"B" pressed on boot
Enter bootloader
"R" sort press
Hold down "B", press "R"
Enter bootloader
Acceleration, Humidity, Temperature, Pressure, Voltage
BME280 (H, T, P)
Supported, continuous mode, 1 Hz, 16x IIR low-pass filtering, ~60 seconds step response
LIS2DH12 (A)
Supported, continuous mode, 1 Hz, no filtering, ~0.5 Hz bandwidth.
nRF52 (T, V)
Supported, measures temperature only if BME280 is not present on board. Battery voltage measurement is not synchronized to loading of device which may cause noisy readings or missed droops.
Battery life
URL mode
2 years expected in room temperature
RAW mode
3 years expected in room temperature
Firmware flowchart