Bluetooth Scanning Settings

To access Bluetooth Scanning Settings, you must first enable access to configure advanced settings on the Cloud Options page under Advanced Settings:
By default, Ruuvi Gateway scans only for Ruuvi sensors (filtered by BLE SIG member ID 0x0499)
Also, you can enable Bluetooth long range (also known as Coded PHY). It is a new mode introduced in Bluetooth Version 5.0 to extend the range of Bluetooth devices from 30-100 feet to ranges of 1 kilometer and beyond.
Note: Most existing devices only transmit on 1 Mbps PHY. 1 Mbps and Coded PHYs modulations are scanned sequentially, so scanning both PHYs will result in at least 50% packet loss on one of the PHYs.
If you want to relay data from more than just Ruuvi sensors, you need to select the "All (including third party beacons)" option and adjust the scanned PHYs, Bluetooth channels used and the ability to use extended payload (BLE extended advertising):
Scan extended payloads. Both Coded PHY and 1 Mbps PHY may have a primary advertisement that tells that there is going to be extended data on a secondary channel. If "Use extended payload" is enabled, the secondary payload will be scanned.
Coded PHY supports only Coded extended payload, 1 Mbps PHY supports scanning at 2 Mbps and 1 Mbps PHY extended payloads.
Use channel. Each enabled BLE channel is scanned sequentially for a minimum of 7000 ms per channel, for a total of 21000 ms if all 3 channels are enabled. At least one channel must be active.
It is possible to filter out the relayed Bluetooth sensors. You can use whitelist mode if you only want to share data for specific sensors, or blacklist mode if you want to share data from all sensors except the specified list.
If you don't see some sensors, try to press on Refresh list. If a sensor is offline, you can add it manually by entering its MAC address and pressing on the Add button.