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LED Indications

The LED indications are listed by priority, the first matching condition is indicated. Indication code: the letter "R" means the red LED is on, the letter "G" means the green LED is on, and the letter "-" means the LEDs are off (by default, the step length is 100 ms).

Gateway is rebooting

The step is 25 ms:


Red blinks with 50 ms period.

Bluetooth-coprocessor (nRF52) failure

Solid Red

Flashing Bluetooth-coprocessor (nRF52)


Red LED lights up for 100 ms every second.

Configuration erasing has been completed (after a long press of the button)


Red LED flashes with 400 ms period.

Configuration hotspot is active.


Red and green LEDs light up alternately for 1 second.

Configuration hotspot is active and WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is active.


No internet connection or server returns an error code when trying to send data


Red LED lights up 5 times per second.

No data from Bluetooth sensors


Green LED lights up 5 times per second.

No connection to all servers


Red LED lights up for half a second every second.

No connection to some of the servers


Green LED lights up continuously but goes out every second for a short interval of 100 ms.

The data comes from the Bluetooth sensors and is successfully sent to all configured servers

Solid Green

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