Configuration download from a remote server via API

You can trigger a forced configuration download programmatically, using bearer authentication, but you must first configure the Gateway to use Automatic configuration download.

Configuration on the remote server must contain the field lan_auth_api_key_rw:

  "remote_cfg_use": true, 
  "remote_cfg_url": "", 
  "remote_cfg_refresh_interval_minutes": 10,
  "remote_cfg_auth_type": "no",
  "lan_auth_api_key_rw": "1SDrQH1FkH+pON0GsSjt2gYeMSP02uYqfuu7LWdaBvY="

Example of a command to trigger a configuration download from the preconfigured remote server:

curl -v http://<RUUVI_GW_IP>/gw_cfg_download 
    -H "Authorization: Bearer 1SDrQH1FkH+pON0GsSjt2gYeMSP02uYqfuu7LWdaBvY=" -d ''

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